Looking for the best portable sauna for your needs, but having a hard time figuring out which one?

I’m sure you’ve seen all the portable sauna reviews out there, whereby some tell you they have some special heater type, people loving it at a trade show, or even some companies saying they have full spectrum portable saunas now.

It causes so much confusion, that a health challenged customer can’t even figure which is best with the most benefits!

  • Should I buy steam or infrared portable sauna?
  • Does a full spectrum portable sauna really have more benefits than just far infrared?
  • Will a portable infrared sauna really detox me the way I need?
  • Do I still need near infrared red light therapy?

And on and on…

It’s to the point now, where portable sauna companies are taking advantage of all these doubts and questions in readers minds, and they use it to their advantage and just say “our sauna does X, and you can’t get that anywhere else.”

This is taking advantage of folks, and after a couple years of asking for honest portable sauna reviews, this site was born.

Now we’re testing all the portable saunas, on live video for you to see before you buy.

It’s the closest thing to an honest assessment, so you can try before you buy and get a real world opinion before ordering.

The 3 Top Portable Infrared Saunas For 2021 Are: