Durherm Sauna Review

So far, the Durherm portable infrared sauna unit has performed well. The EMF is not as low as claimed, but overall I seem to sweat well in it the first time I used it again. (I owned an older unit of this model a couple years ago… I believe the EMF was even higher back then)

The build quality seems on par with the more expensive Synergy and Therasage units… which kind of makes me scratch my head a bit. What are we paying for if another unit it twice the price?

I plan to use this portable a few more times this week, and see how it compares to the other models in different price ranges.

In this Durherm Portable Sauna review from Amazon, I go over the pros and cons, EMF levels, VOC and offgassing points, and real world usage.

With videos covering how to use your Durherm sauna, to how it stacks up against the Therasage 360, Relax Sauna, Dome Saunas, Steam Portable Saunas, other cheap Amazon portable saunas, and more… use the comment system below to ask questions about this particular model.

Durherm Sauna EMF Levels

Durherm Sauna Compared To Therasage

Durherm VS Relax Sauna

Durherm VS Therasage

Portable Sauna VOC’s

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