Higher Dose Sauna Blanket Review

So far, I’ve only used the Higher Dose sauna blanket one time. And according tot he instructions, I did not use it correctly.

They advise that you MUST WEAR CLOTHES when using the sauna blanket, but I wanted to see how much I sweat in this thing. While wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, we wouldn’t be able to see a lick of anything after.

That said, it did get too hot for my skin while I was in there… with bare skin touching the hot material, my feet were scorching.

My first session was less than impressive. Either there is something to be said about wearing clothes, or this thing really doesn’t make you sweat that much compared to a stand up wooden sauna or other portable saunas.

I plan to test thing blanket a few more times, both with and without clothes as recommended.

EMF wise, the blanket had really low magnetic fields, but the electric fields were pretty high. So this is definitely not a low ELF sauna by any means.

For those who are asking about body voltage, I’ll redo the EMF testing again on video later this month.

In this Higher Dose Portable Sauna Blanket review, I go over the pros and cons, EMF levels, VOC and off-gassing points, and real world usage.

With videos covering how to use your Higher Dose sauna blanket, to how it stacks up against the Therasage 360, Relax Sauna, Dome Saunas, Steam Portable Saunas, Durherm/Amazon cheap portable saunas, and more… use the comment system below to ask questions about this particular model.

Higher Dose Sauna EMF Levels

Higher Dose Sauna Compared To Therasage

Higher Dose VS Relax Sauna

Higher Dose VS Therasage

Portable Sauna VOC’s

Infrared Sauna Blankets VS Other Portable Saunas

Keep in mind, and sauna blanket is a different experience than a zip up sauna tent. One is intended to be able to lay down inside, the other is a fold up travel type sauna with a carrying case and such.

That said, the two are a very different experience when it comes to sweating. The Higher Dose is required to wear clothes when using, which I violated the first time I used it so we could see how much visible sweat was on my skin. In subsequent tests however, we noticed that it performed…

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