Synergy Sauna Review

In this Synergy Portable Sauna review, I go over the pros and cons, EMF levels, VOC and offgassing points, and real world usage.

With videos covering how to use your Syngery sauna, to how it stacks up against the Therasage 360, Relax Sauna, Dome Saunas, Steam Portable Saunas, Durherm/Amazon cheap portable saunas, and more… use the comment system below to ask questions about this particular model.

Is It The Best Portable Infrared Sauna For The Money?

The Synergy Sauna is the best value portable infrared sauna that I’ve found. It costs around $899 shipped, has removable washable neck liners, good build quality, and is an all around good package for the money.

There are other good portable saunas like the Relax sauna, Therasage 360, etc… but for the money, this is about as good as it gets in this price range. (for example, Relax is $1,300 +, Therasage Plus is $1,100, etc…)

All of these portable saunas I’m mentioning and comparing deliver a great sweat though. This Synergy sauna heats up fast, has a very low preheat time, and delivers a good detox sweat tested by me personally and others I’ve had trial it.

I recommend this sauna if you’re looking for an all around performer in this price range.

  • Synergy Sauna quick summary – the best value if price/budget is a concern
    • Pros: best portable sauna for the money at around $800-$900 dollars, heats quickly, low preheat time just like the other two. Zip out washable neck liners.
    • Cons: so so chair quality, middle of the road foldable chair. Support bar across the front not my favorite, but you get used to it.

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More to come in the videos below…

Synergy Sauna EMF Levels

The EMF levels aren’t perfect in this Synergy Sauna, but electric and magnetic fields are respectable compared to some of the cheaper brands we tested from Amazon.

I found EMF levels over 60mg in the Amazon “low emf” brands, but this one was well below a fraction of that.

Watch the Synergy Portable Sauna EMF Testing Video here to see it in action.

Synergy Portable Sauna Comparisons

The Synergy Sauna stacked up well against competitors in my testing. I also had others folks come in and use them to get their feedback, instead of just me using them as well.

The general consensuses was the Synergy generated a great sweat in everyone worked well, and no general complaints other than maybe some liked the chair that came with it, some didn’t. (easy fix to order a different type if you have a preference)

Synergy Sauna Compared To Therasage

Watch the Therasage VS Synergy sauna comparison here.

Synergy VS Relax Sauna

See the Relax compared to Synergy sauna video here.

Synergy Sauna VS Durherm, Durasage, Radiant, Rejuvenator, Serenelife, Heatwave, etc…

These portable saunas really weren’t in the same class at all. Some had thin liners, some stained easily, some had sky high EMF that I personally wouldn’t use, and two had VOC’s high enough to where I got rid of them and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

The Synergy is a good all around performer in the portable infrared sauna class. It isn’t perfect, but then again no portable sauna is in my opinion.

I recommend it if you’re in the market and need a portable sauna. It is one of your better options in this difficult to asses market.

Portable Sauna VOC’s

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