Therasage Sauna Review

First impressions of the Therasage 360 portable sauna with red light therapy, were pretty good. When I first got it, I did have a faulty heater, but it was super easy to replace and they sent it to me for free. (and no I don’t believe I got any special treatment at that time, they didn’t even really know who I was… and I paid for this product as well)

When I first measured the EMF levels, they were much higher than advertised. But part of that was due to the faulty heater. The replacement infrared emitter got the measurements down quite a bit, but it’s still not zero emf or low elf.

That said, all of the portable saunas have some level of EMF and VOC’s, doesn’t matter which brand it is. When I redo the review videos, I’ll publish the live EMF testing for you to see as well.

Overall, this unit heats up well, and I get a good sweat in it. I don’t believe the red light LED’s are strong enough to be in the therapeutic range, but it is a nice feature to have if budget isn’t a concern.

I would not however, rely on this sauna to give me true red light therapy like a PBMT body panel I have will. It just doesn’t have that kind of output.

I’ll be testing this portable sauna more this week, and will update the review when I have something conclusive.

In this Therasage 360 Portable Sauna review, I go over the pros and cons, EMF levels, VOC and offgassing points, and real world usage.

With videos covering how to use your Therasage sauna, to how it stacks up against the Synergy Sauna, Relax Sauna, Dome Saunas, Steam Portable Saunas, Durherm/Amazon cheap portable saunas, and more… use the comment system below to ask questions about this particular model.

Therasage Sauna EMF Levels

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Therasage VS Relax Sauna

Portable Sauna VOC’s

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