Low EMF Infrared Portable Sauna

Are you looking for a low emf portable infrared sauna, but every company says theirs is super low emf with nothing to back it up?

Some sauna companies, even use fancy third party emf reports to show their emf levels… but when you dig in to these, they’re very very dishonest.

Folks are looking on Amazon, and finding ultra low emf portable saunas being advertised everywhere. If you look at the reviews, customers are even saying they love it.

But when you check them with an EMF meter in a real world application, why do we get high emf ratings like this:

This is the EMF readings on the magnetic fields for a portable sauna I just bought.

This is well above the safe limits, yet blogs, websites, and industry “experts” are recommending people buy this sauna left and right.

Here’s the problem: this sauna is the same price as a lower emf personal sauna, so why not get something safer if it’s the same cost?

So rather than badmouth this company in the picture, and then try and “sell” you on some overpriced wooden sauna that you don’t need (I see a lot of people doing this on Facebook these days, which is stupid), let’s just analyze the rest of the portable sauna options and see what’s a good fit shall we?

(and by the way, I’m a HUGE proponent of wooden saunas. I love them, use them in my own house, buy them for my family, etc… But let’s face it, it’s not right for everybody. Some people simply don’t have the space or money for it, and it’s not the right fit for you. If it is, you can always check out the Certified Sauna List, but I certainly don’t want to shove you into something you don’t need like I see these online groups doing.)

So Are There Any Safe, Low EMF Portable Saunas Out There?

Yes and no.

The long and short of it is, most portable saunas companies are lying about their EMF levels. I test every single one myself, and it’s drastically different from what they claim.

(this is why honest portable saunas was created btw… you guys requested it, I finally caved)

That said, there are a handful that are well within what I could consider safe to use. They’re never as low as a wooden sauna, simply because the cabin is too small and can’t get enough distance between yourself and the power supply.

There is always a compromise with these things, but one doesn’t cost any more than the other.

Currently testing a new version of portable sauna, with infrared emitters at the feet, different heater types along the back wall, and one even has a metal frame that you can stand up in with your full body inside.

The head out tent type portable saunas are most common on the list, but the exceptions are the hybrids which we are comparing as we speak.

I’ll update this with videos as soon as they’re released. Ask you questions below in the comment section…

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